Is your company ready for higher rankings in Google and more organic traffic? In that case you might be looking for a link building agency that builds high quality backlinks. Seeders is an agency with a lot of expertise and experience in that area. We created successful link building strategies for over 700 clients from all over the world. We believe that being transparent and proactive in the process is important.


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    We aim to really make a difference in the world of SEO. We use the following assets to set up the most successful link building strategies for our clients. Also, when you choose Seeders there is no one-time charging for strategy set-up; this is included in the price.


    Reliable & transparent

    Seeders likes to operate as a partner rather than just taking over the link building activities of our clients. We report your links on a monthly basis and you have insight in all results.


    Flexible terms

    Our link building packages are monthly cancelable. That means no year-long contracts with restrictions. We believe in our work and that is why we make this option possible for our clients.


    High quality Backlinking

    Through our extensive network of over 45.000 websites and experienced content creators we have the ability to publish a lot of high quality blogs in order to acquire as many high quality links as possible.


    Usually link building requires experts who have experience and knowledge to create an effective strategy. Seeders has those experts and gladly takes this time-consuming activity off your hands. Our team can set up the perfect SEO-strategy for your company in which white hat link building is a major part of the process. We do this by offering the following services to our clients.

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    PR Campaigns

    Digital PR is an important way to acquire high quality backlinks and the perfect SEO-technique to gain exposure and visibility for your brand. Seeders developed its own PR-strategy to create press releases with news value by inventing relevant and catchy angles for a press release and subsequently sending it to our network of 40.000 journalists. In addition we have our own way of measuring the results and the success of the press release. This way we can report back to our clients and show them the results of the strategy. Additionally we measure and monitor the media value of the press release.


    Profile Link Building

    Profile backlinks can be of great value for websites that have not yet built a lot of authority. Each backlink profile is different and our experts can decide what would be the best possibilities for you. With our large database of backlinks we can provide for every website a successful and relevant backlink profile. We build profiles for various sectors and aim to place the profile links on local or city-bound websites in order to guarantee the best links possible.


    High quality blogs & magazines

    Within the SEO-world there are a lot of blog sites available. It is our goal to find the blog sites with the most visitors, highest authority and the best quality of content for our clients. By focusing on domains of high quality we can ensure that visitors indeed decide to click on the external links and in doing so we gain more conversions.


    Tiered Link Building

    Another way of link building is tiered link building. Tiered link building means creating backlinks for your backlinks. This method is important when you want to focus on keywords with strong competition. Within tiered link building it is possible to acquire backlinks from different layers on a website. By using tiered backlinks your online authority becomes even stronger. With this method of link building we can guarantee that your backlinks will be placed with the most optimal results. When you decide to incorporate tiered link building in your strategy, a perfect structure of your website is necessary.


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    Setting up the perfect strategy to gain backlinks can be quite challenging. You need a well thought-out link building plan for a website when you want to get the best out of a link building strategy. Seeders can advise you in that process. Thinking of doing the link building yourself? Have a look at these link building tips.

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      Keyword research & Targeting most important keywords

      In order to create a successful strategy we use the following four steps. Carrying out keyword research is very important when you want to set up a good link building strategy. By targeting the most relevant keywords for our clients we can ensure that the link building strategy we set up will have the most effect. That is why we start with keyword research before setting up the link building process. In this research we look at:

      • Keyword intent
      • Keyword search volume
      • Landing pages

      We advise our clients based on the analysis. By taking into account the results of the keyword research we decide what the most rewarding possibilities are and we can start with the next phase of the link building process: data analysis of the backlink profile.

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      Link building analysis of backlink profile

      Measurement brings knowledge. That is why we carry out the process of link building by using available data. We find this data through our professional SEO-tools. In a backlink profile analysis we look at the following matters:

      • Domain authority
      • The amount of referring domains
      • The quality of incoming backlinks (measured through different metrics)
      • Competitor analysis
      • Anchor text ratio
      • TLD-ratio

      After research and analysis we can move on to the next step: outreach.

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      Outreach & Backlinks

      When the high quality content of your website is ready to use we will start reaching out to the possible platforms that might be interested in the content. We have a large network of journalists and websites in every sector. This way we can make sure our client gains a lot of relevant high quality backlinks.

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      Reporting & Evaluation

      We believe in a transparent way of working when it comes to our link building services. That is why we report all backlinks. It is even possible to do a check on content and domains before execution. We like to schedule (digital) meetings with our link building consultants on a regular basis in order to keep track of the link building strategy and to redirect or adjust the strategy if necessary.


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    Just Carpets

    Since June 2019, Just Carpets is working with Seeders to support their international link building and SEO activities. We had an interview with Jan van Oosterhout, an SEO marketeer at Just Carpets to discuss their request to Seeders and the results this has brought them. Curious? Discover this case now.


    Naturally, a target audience’s customer journey within e-commerce or B2B starts online. That means that for a lot of e-commerce companies there is a great profit to gain from a clever and well thought-out link building strategy. In order to achieve this Seeders acquires backlinks on category level. The backlinks on category level give value to the backlinks on page level, hence the technique of the website is implemented correctly. Our link building consultants gladly give you advice on how to apply an effective link building strategy for your company.

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    A lot of SEO-oriented companies decide to outsource their digital marketing activities to SEO agencies that specialize in one of their SEO expertises. Within Seeders that is international link building. That is why we gladly take care of the link building services of other SEO companies. However, we like to act as a strategic partner that gives advice for the complete SEO strategy and not just on the level of link building.

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    There are several reasons to outsource your link building services to Seeders. Below we list the most important ones:

    • You keep control and insight in the process
    • Relatively low costs
    • Keeping up with your competition in the field
    • Staying up-to-date
    • Increasing your website traffic
    • Available knowledge and skills of our experts
    • Advise in quality/content of your website
    • 53% of users click on organic search results
    • Results on the first page of Google receive 92% of all search traffic.


    There are various methods of link building that prove to be very successful. Seeders only uses white hat link building methods and does not provide black hat SEO. We have the essential knowledge and proper tools in order to implement each of our link building techniques efficiently in our link building strategies.


    PR Campaigns

    Digital PR is the perfect combination of creativity, strategy and content. Seeders knows how to attract attention in the media landscape and more importantly, how to get covered. We believe that every company has something interesting to say. It is a matter of a catchy angle, good data, a compelling story and the right media list. With our creativity and your brand we reach the right media. We use the following five steps in our PR strategy.

    1. Creating news value
    Journalists receive hundreds of emails every day. That’s why it’s important to stand out. This is why we come up with strong angles that the media cannot ignore.

    2. Collecting data
    We can turn internal data into an interesting news event or use external databases or data from agencies to generate news. This can also be done by means of a survey.

    3. Writing the press release
    The purpose of a press release is to inform readers, not to advertise. Standing out with objective information is our specialty. Our copywriters write a catchy press release by placing themselves in the journalist’s shoes.

    4. Send to the right media
    However strong a press release may be, it is not interesting for every medium. Our database consists of over tens of thousands of relevant journalists and we make sure the press release message will reach the right people.

    5. Report and evaluate
    The results of a PR strategy are unpredictable. The most common way to measure PR is by tracking the number of online publications. This can vary from a share on social media, a mention on the radio or an outright publication including a link. We keep a close eye on the placements and report them afterwards. We then evaluate the state of affairs. What went well and what can be improved? This is how we improve the PR strategy for your company.


    Mass linking

    In some cases a link building strategy needs a different approach. Sometimes a domain needs support from a higher amount of backlinks in order to get higher rankings. This can be the case with startup companies or domains with a lot of competition. We choose this option when the amount of required backlinks is too high to gain through high quality blogs or a PR strategy. Seeders developed a strategy to use when a website requires a higher amount of backlinks: masslinking. In this strategy we aim at lesser linking pages such as portals and directories. In doing so we can create a strong link profile quickly. When we created a solid link profile by masslinking, we can discuss with the client and see if we can move on to one of our other link building strategies.


    High quality blogs

    Google awards a lot of credit to websites of good quality. The best way to make Google regard your website as a website of good quality is to make sure your website has a high level of Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (E-A-T). That is why our copywriters create content that is unique, of high quality and based on the important principles within SEO. Subsequently our link building experts know where to publish these high quality blogs through our extensive publisher network. Getting high quality blogs with links to your website will strengthen your link profile and at the same time generate more visitors to your domain. Our experts have the knowledge and skills to choose all the relevant platforms on which it is best to publish your blogs. This is dependent on the industry or sector you are active in. Together we can look at the best options.


    Tiered link building

    Tiered link building is a lesser-known way of link building. When using the method of tiered link building you create backlinks for your backlinks. Some links are stronger than others. By generating backlinks for your backlinks you make sure that your link profile is even stronger. Within tiered link building you also focus on creating high quality content and websites with high domain authority. When you manage to get a link on a website with a high domain authority it can be very useful to generate tiered links because it will give the related blog or article even more authority in the search engines. So with tiered link building you can make your link even more powerful. On top of that it is also a very fast way to generate a lot of links. Google is becoming more and more clever and demanding. When you just started a website, tiered link building is the perfect way to keep up with the competition in your field. When you decide to outsource link building to Seeders, we can discuss together if tiered link building would be a good method for your company.


    Outreach link building service

    A lot of companies struggle with the outreach within their link building strategy. This is often because they do not have access to a proper network or simply because there is not enough time to build or maintain such a network. Seeders gladly helps you with the outreach of your link building strategy. High quality content and relevant links are important, but you also have to invest time in making sure your content ends up on the right platforms. Through our extensive network we can make sure we reach all the relevant platforms for your company. With our network we can reach local, national and international journalists and websites. Our experts also know the routines and methods these contacts prefer. That way, we know when and how to send the content in order to guarantee the best results possible.


    What is link building in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

    In SEO the definition of link building is the method of generating high quality backlinks from external websites. These backlinks can be seen as a vote for your own domain and increase your online authority and visibility. The most important indicators within link building are:

    • Relevance
    • Domain authority of the external website (DA)

    How important is link building in SEO?

    When you have your own website you naturally want to score as high as possible in Google. This is exactly what link building can do. Link building can highly increase your online visibility and authority. The most important reason link building is important when you want your brand or product to score high in search engines is that it has a lot of effect and can give you more visible results than other SEO strategies. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is essential to focus on quality rather than quantity in your link building strategy.

    What are the benefits of building links in SEO?

    So how does link building help SEO? A good link building strategy can make Google regard your domain as important within search results. Google wants to show visitors the most relevant results and that is why it is important to have as many relevant and qualitative backlinks. At the same time, these backlinks produce a lot of traffic to your domain, which means more possible clients or customers. Therefore, a good link building strategy can eventually lead to more online visibility in your field or sector and really let you stand out as an authority with your service or product.

    How to build links to your website?

    When you don’t know how to build links for your website Seeders can help. We offer different methods of link building. We can provide successful PR campaigns for our clients in which we create high quality press releases in order to generate backlinks with the highest link worth. Besides that our experts can create a successful back link profile for your domain. On top of that tiered link building can be an option to ensure that your backlinks become even stronger. Within Seeders we have a large publishing network that focuses on placing high quality blogs and articles with backlinks to your domain. Our experts are capable of looking for the most relevant platforms for the field or sector you are active in.

    What is white hat (organic) and black hat link building?

    Seeders only provides white hat link building for its clients. That means that we set up strategies that follow Google’s guidelines. In other words, white hat link building can be seen as a form of ethical SEO. Next to following Google’s rules and guidelines, white hat link building is also focused on improving the quality of the content and to keep looking at the needs of the visitors of a website or domain. Black hat link building has the tendency to violate Google’s guidelines. When Google notices these violations, penalties might be given. Seeders wants to protect its clients from that.

    Does Seeders do link building for resellers?

    Seeders decided to also open up its services for resellers. Our experts can set up a link building strategy for your company and act as a strategic partner in the process. Seeders has all the tools to help resellers gain more online visibility and authority. Profit from our reseller link building services with an extensive international publisher network and take your company to a higher level.