Why backlinking is important for SEO


You can have a marvelous looking website and still not have your business found online. Why? One of the reasons this is happening is because you do not have enough good quality websites pointing back to yours. Essentially, that is what backlinking is all about. You may also have a large list of sites pointing back to yours, but that also doesn’t mean you will rank highly; as mentioned, those point-backers must be of high rank too.

Actually, if you get bad websites backlinking to yours, you may get a penalty from Google and get sent really far back in its search results or even worse: blacklisted! Therefore, you got to make sure that you are linking to the correct websites. Unlinking from bad ones can also prove tedious, so might as well not link to them at all. A good way to avoid all of this is by getting a backlink & SEO company like Seeders to do the linking for you.

Finding good backlinks is not easy. You must establish connections with high-authority websites and then submit content that is appropriate for your self (or your business) and for the website/organization that you are submitting it to. Seeders does this text creation and goes through the whole process of delegation for you. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to make this happen and we will thoroughly go through it all.

After going through these exchanges and finally getting the backlink established, you might ask yourself this: how does this help SEO? This process improves SEO by letting search engines like Google know more about your website (or business) from other sources other than your own website. Using other authoritative websites, search engines can harness and categorize more info about you and your business and thus it will allow it to rank your website higher.

The better and the more authoritative your backlinks are, the more steadily you will climb up the search engine rankings. Provided that you make sure you link to the right websites, of course, such as the ones that are related to your business but are not directly your competitors and ones that are not being penalized by search engines for bad content, you will gradually start improving your search engine rankings.

We hope you enjoyed your read and stay tuned for more tips, news and digital marketing advise from SEEDERS!