Why backlinking is important for SEO

You can have a marvelous looking website and still not have your business found online. Why? One of the reasons this is happening is because you do not have enough good quality websites pointing back to yours. Essentially, that is what backlinking is all about. You may also have a large list of sites pointing back to yours, but that […]

How to deal with spammy backlinks

In the last couple of months, more and more companies claim to suffer from spammy backlinks. Through a poll on LinkedIn, almost half of the 60 SEO specialists indicated that they, to a greater or lesser extent, indeed suffer from spammy backlinks. Time to take a closer look at spammy backlinks. We answer 5 questions + an infographic where we [...]


Since its inception in 1794, the cooperation Univé has been striving for assurance by mitigating risks and managing the consequences of potential damage together. They do this on a not-for-profit basis, which results in a unique position in the market. When looking at the competition in the SEO domain, stressing its competitiveness is an understatement. With a large number of [...]

International achievements for Just Carpets: an increase of 25% in organic visitors in The Netherlands and Germany

With webshops in The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France, Just Carpets is a leading player in the European market for car mats. With broad offerings in car and trunk mats, Just Carpets can supply mats for any car brand and model. Besides that, the car mats are being 100% tailor-made based on brand, model, and year of construction. In [...]

Achievements in the international market, with Jan van Oosterhout – Just Carpets

Just Carpets is a company specialized in the production of tailored car and trunk mats. Founded in 2009, it grew to become a large player on the international market delivering thousands of mats across European customers. They provide all their clients through their own production facility located in Kampen. This enables them to provide their products at an excellent price/quality [...]